Shaping ideas


We met architect Tobia Marcotti, principle of Itistudio, who welcomed us to his practice in Via Schiaparelli, introducing us to his team.
The conversation quickly focuses on the subject of how to give shape to ideas.
We study together the model of a shelter (in the photo) on Tobia’s den of, designed following the principles of parametric architecture and implemented in fact by an engineer who, line after line, wrote the mathematical formula. In this type of design the maquette becomes a must for quality projects. BIM platform, used by Itistudio since 2006, is an ideal base, thanks to the work on a 3D digital model that contains all the processes, step by step.
Roberto Mangiavacchi agrees on the goodness of this technology, though, in a recent construction site, despite the BIM, it was necessary to make last minute changes and holes for passing wiring that was not specified in the project. “My dream – continues Mangiavacchi – is a dry construction site, where the only building components are assembled. A construction site clean, dry, where the margin for human error is greatly reduced.”

At the end of the meeting my eyes fall on a mysterious soundproof box, inside of which a 3D printer was working. Tobia Marcotti explains how it works, the costs and the use, already during the  design phase, to better understand the harmony of volumes. “When you start thinking in 3D, you never go back and in fact these printers become your pencil. I recently invested in a 3D printing service, 3D CRAFT, able to develop the whole manufacturing process: from the creation of virtual models through 3D scanning and modeling processes and reverse engineering, production with professional 3D printers, CNC milling, laser cutting …. “

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