An innovative approach for NòvAmpère

An article by Sole 24 Ore on Sunday 22 July underlines the focus on customer satisfaction in the presentation and sale of apartments in the new complex of Via Ampère in Milan. The sample apartment, in fact, was made in great advance on the construction site and finished in all the details, because more and more customers are asking for the possibility of buying the house with the “design package”.





NòvAmpère is a real estate development – built by Mangiavacchi Pedercini in “Project Partnering” with Gestimm and Impresa Rusconi – which has about a hundred prestigious apartments (already sold for 90%) at the forefront of home automation, energy saving (thanks to a geothermal system) and sustainability (to be noted the use on the façades of a “food-smog” and self-cleaning material).

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