Dialogue, art and meditation at Monte Stella

The Giardino dei Giusti association in Milan has started the redevelopment of the eight thousand square meter green area located inside the Monte Stella park in memory of the exemplary men who opposed genocide and crimes against humanity.
PlanimetriaThe intervention, which sees Mangiavacchi Pedercini as a partner – designs new symbolic routes and the construction of an open-air auditorium for 200 people.

“We wanted to make the Giardino dei Giusti a living place of education to the responsibility for the young students in Milan and throughout Lombardy – said the President of Gariwo, la foresta dei Giusti, Gabriele Nissim – With this new realization Milan confirms its position as moral capital of the European Day of the Righteous on 6th March and strengthened as a model for more than one hundred gardens that have followed its activity in the world for years”.

The new path will be divided into three stages: the Garden of Dialogue, a sort of small square with a tree in the center, the Garden of Sculptures, which will host a temporary exhibition of sculptural works and the Garden of Meditation, conceived as a large open air room designed to offer rest with stone seating and a long bench.

The tall trees present in the area will be conserved while the North and the South entrance to the walkway will be highlighted with the installation of illuminated totems to allow the use of the garden even in dark hours.


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