Expo …. final touches on pavilions

While many nations are rushing to get to the first of May, in the Angola pavilion gardeners are working.
This construction site was a record, built without a hitch, with a tight schedule and a very complicated site.


Last week architect Paula Nascimento received the Special arcVision Prize WE-Women.
Here it is in a brief interview before her conference at Km Rosso, office of Italcementi i.lab.

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Updates: the construction site of the Angola pavilion


In the video of the drone that Expo runs every week, you can see at the 2:15 minute the progress of the Angola Pavilion.

Here is a photo gallery of the work in progress in Rho.


While the news associate the word Expo to delays, Mangiavacchi Pedercini runs in the preparation of this prefabricated wooden structure and trusses of the size of 1,800 square meters.

The building A will be delivered within 31 December 2014, in contractual terms, to allow the start of construction works inside and museography.

Art and Architecture


Contamination between architecture and visual arts has ancient roots and is the expression of cultural phenomena closely related.

There are many collaborations, even in recent times, between architects and painters or sculptors, where the designer “offers” a part of the building to the artist.

It happens in the building of via Leone XIII.

The real estate company welcomed the suggestion of a customer and the architect Gianmaria Beretta to commission a work of art to be installed in the foyer of the building just completed.

The Gallery Rubin was appointed to hold a competition between a small number of artists [...]

Project 10,000


The company Mangiavacchi Pedercini, thanks to the constant research on innovative construction techniques developed in social housing, has decided to take part with two projects to the contest “Project 10,000”, launched by Polaris at Eire 2014.

This competition aims to encourage companies and designers on the definition of a  design and construction model, able to reduce time and costs  of social housing interventions.

This challenge was launched by CDPI SGR and all SGR of the Integrated Fund, launched by Polaris Real Estate SGR SpA in collaboration with the Fondazione Housing Sociale.

The project delivery is scheduled for November 13 [...]