Portofluviale 71


Roma Ostiense is a district designed on a human scale, with an environmental high profile, thanks to the proximity of the river Tevere.

The development area includes the construction of a residential complex, a public square and two floors of underground garages.
The planivolumetric configuration of the intervention realizes the mending of the existing urban structure, rebuilding the connection of the cycle and pedestrian routes along the river “Lungo Tevere” one side and inserting in a proportionate manner in the context of the residential building and service sectors of the surroundins, providing a unitary and strongly characterized image.
The area [...]

Sliding doors urbanism


Mangiavacchi Pedercini invited twenty architects, at the construction site of Expo Village di Cascina Merlata, in the last stretch.
The class A residences, designed by MCA Architects,  CZA (Cino Zucchi), B22, Pura, C+5 and Tecno Arch for a total of 700 lodgings and related service spaces, show that through this type of building it is now possible to offer the market quality homes, with base price of 2,000 € / sq m.
For Expo these accommodations will be furnished and will host delegates and staff of all countries. A multiethnic and multicultural tenant.
Construction company Mangiavacchi Pedercini, together with CMB [...]

Restructuring obsolete buildings

SLM_5767 Gruppo

Perspective Group visited the construction site of Viale Jenner

The members of Perspective Group,  qualified international network established with the objective to offer multinational clients global professional services, were invited to Milan by the Italian partner  D2U, to participate in working groups of scenarios, strategies, trends and innovations in the world architecture.
Jacopo della Fontana and Corrado Caruso, partner of F2M, took advantage of the occasion, to visit Viale Jenner construction site with the international colleagues.
Objective of the project is the redevelopment of the entire property, to be compliant to the current regulations, update the plant, the [...]

Shaping ideas


We met architect Tobia Marcotti, principle of Itistudio, who welcomed us to his practice in Via Schiaparelli, introducing us to his team.
The conversation quickly focuses on the subject of how to give shape to ideas.
We study together the model of a shelter (in the photo) on Tobia’s den of, designed following the principles of parametric architecture and implemented in fact by an engineer who, line after line, wrote the mathematical formula. In this type of design the maquette becomes a must for quality projects. BIM platform, used by Itistudio since 2006, is an ideal base, thanks to [...]